About Phoebe

Phoebe Vaughan is a certified professional coach and also creates and facilitates engaging leadership development programs for organizations. She loves helping individuals and teams thrive. 

Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Phoebe left to study Psychology and Communications at Macalester College. She then spent 7 years in the San Francisco Bay Area where she started out as a mental health counselor and patient advocate, followed by a leap into the technology industry where she remained for 12 years. 

Phoebe spent nearly a decade at Google where she led various sales and support teams and lived and worked in Google's San Francisco Bay Area and New York City offices. In addition to her core sales roles, she also coached and mentored colleagues and delivered leadership development training programs for other Google managers. 

While working at Google, she received her MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

In 2012 Phoebe began her journey to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. In her quest to find work that doesn't feel like work (in the life-taking vs life-giving sense), she discovered that coaching and teaching gives her energy rather than using it up. Her greatest joy is helping others figure out how to flourish professionally and also have energy and zest for the rest of life. Over the past decade, Phoebe has been coaching in private practice and through various coaching firms, as well as creating and delivering leadership development training programs for organizations of all sizes. 

Phoebe loves helping people navigate change, whether it's settling into a new leadership role, or resetting priorities due to a life changing event, like welcoming a child or surviving a serious illness. Supporting clients who are typically less represented in leadership roles based on race, gender expression, sexuality, or socioeconomic class, and helping them find their leadership voice is especially rewarding to Phoebe.

She lives in Vermont's Champlain Valley with her husband, two boys, and a giant shepherd. In her free time, she enjoys recharging in nature, meditating, gardening, and making art with her kids.