"Phoebe's expert and compassionate coaching was essential for me in navigating the most crazy-making phase yet in my personal and professional life. Her tools and encouragement helped me keep my chin up and my eyes forward at a time filled with ambiguity. I discovered that no matter how terrific a support system you may have, nothing compares to a focused coach. Phoebe's natural talent for listening, her practical outlook, and professional training make her a tremendous ally in managing life's surprises and complexity." - Margaret, New York, NY

"Phoebe supported me as an executive coach as I launched my marketing consulting firm Spectacled Marketer. When I was deciding to leave Google to pursue my MBA, Phoebe provided helpful advice and perspective that helped me work through the challenging transition back to academia. Phoebe was also a resource for me as I decided whether to pursue my own business as an entrepreneur or go back into corporate. Because of Phoebe's helpful advice and support I was able to work through the scary but exciting process of launching my own business while pursuing my MBA. She helped me to see the big picture and use the strength within that can often get buried beneath doubt and fear. She provided me with helpful tools to persevere through the hard times that can confront start up entrepreneurs. Honestly, hardly a day goes by that I don't rely on one of the tools that Phoebe taught me. I absolutely recommend working with Phoebe as a manager or executive coach! Thank you Phoebe!!!” - Tyrona (Ty) Heath, New York, NY

"Phoebe listens attentively, understands what is being said, and often perceives the underlying emotion that is being felt. She then knows how to re-frame any concerns into positive self-talk and ultimately positive action. Phoebe is skilled and very talented in her ability to zero in on the needs of her clients: I think she is a natural at helping others learn and realize their talents and potential for personal and professional growth." - D.L. Marin County, CA

"I immediately felt comfortable talking to Phoebe; she's patient, attentive and encouraging and helped me feel comfortable with my own ambiguity and confident in the decisions I was making. I found my time with Phoebe productive and motivating and have already seen the positive impact of her suggestions and strategies." - Maureen, New York, NY

"Phoebe is amazing - I give her my strongest recommendation. She's patient and empathetic (like a close friend) and provides proactive and thoughtful recommendations (like a great coach.) Her business background is incredibly helpful as it allows her to closely relate to workplace issues. She provides invaluable advice and insights as to how to lead a productive and happy life, but ensures that you remain true to your personal values. Everyone could use a coach like Phoebe!" - M.S., New York, NY

"Phoebe has been an amazing resource and a tremendous help to me during my most challenging phase of my career. She has a knack for listening intently and gently guiding the conversation into a very constructive and actionable phase. Phoebe will probe with questions, ideas or homework which seem uncomfortable or 'common sensical' at the moment, however when you answer them or work on the acts between sessions, it very quickly becomes apparent how important and monumental these asks are. I'm in a much better space than when I started to work with Phoebe and look forward to our time together as an opportunity to explore what's going on or to even dig a little deeper into long-standing habits or approaches which may need attention. I find Phoebe warm, dedicated, without judgement all while being extraordinarily motivating and delivering noticeable impact. I was not sure what to expect when we began working together, but I'm thrilled to have found such an amazing coach!" - B.B., New York, NY